Apply To Glass

Job Type: Web Design & Copywriting

Ok, not every job or product is sexy. Doesn’t mean you can’t give it high impact and blitz the competition. Apply To Glass is a case in point. This is business which provides high quality frosted film for glass. You know that frosting thing on glass in offices and beside your front door? That’s the one.

Apply To Glass had disappeared from Google rankings as a result of having a site which wasn’t mobile friendly and not being in touch with current top ranking works.

For Ample, on a limited budget, we did a snazzy new site, extensive copy and an SEO starter pack.


Result:  Page 1 again.

As a result of our work, Apply To Glass is now back on top of Google rankings – being on page one in all major categories. More work is required for blogging and social to stay on top, but this has been a great start.

Client:Apply To Glass
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