Geek Update: New WordPress Version (4.6 “Pepper”)

Geek Update: New WordPress Version (4.6 “Pepper”)
August 18, 2016 jkernutt
Wordpress 4.6 Pepper

A new version of WordPress is just out. This version adds to an already great small business website management system (content management system). It’s now even easier to be in control of your own website content…so you can get rid of pesky digital people in between major updates!

Version 4.6 of WordPress, named “Pepper”, is in honor of jazz saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams. It can be downloaded from or with assistance from your local geeky digital crew like us.

Official WordPress Video

Updates included in WordPress version 4.6 include:

  • Streamlined Plugin Updates: One click install, delete and update of plugins on the same page.
  • Native Fonts: Easily use additional fonts and go beyond the usual limit of Google fonts
  • Editor Improvements: These include “Inline Link Checker” and “Resource Hints”
  • Performance and backend improvements: A host of additional APIs, Meta, Javascript and Multisite additions have been made to futher strengthen the speed, robustness and technical reach of the platform.

All these additions make it worth setting your new WordPress version to 4.6, or upgrading when you get the chance. Be sure to have a full site backup before embarking on this – as not all Plugins have been tested with the new version.

If all else fails…give us a call!


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