The Newsletter Is Not Dead

An Oldie But a Goodie for a National Drupal Development Agency.

It’s been thought for a while that the old faithful newsletter would die out. Many believed that with mobile advances and social media, email itself might die out. Not so it seems!

Newsletters continue to be an effective way of informing and engaging with customers – on one proviso….they must be genuinely and consistently useful for the reader. If, even in one edition, you provide lame, self promotional information, which isn’t valuable to the audience, you’re dead – straight in the spam folder from that point forward. If on the other hand, you take time to understand what your customers might find interesting, and provide that regularly, they’ll keep reading, you’ll keep scoring points, and they will be more likely to think of you when they next think about your product or service.

Case in point, is the below email newsletter we did for Technocrat – the largest Drupal development agency in Australia. This email was used to keep in contact with the many national government contacts and large businesses for which Technocrat provide services. As a result of the well designed and compact format, there was a high level of engagement and a large percentage of click throughs as a result.

Digital marketing with Newsletters

Digital marketing with Newsletters

Client: Technocrat
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