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A Sweet Opportunity

Global Confectionery is an established family-owned wholesale confectionery company. Global has been in operation for 30 years, selling direct wholesale confectionery to Melbourne and Victorian regional outlets.

Global Confectionery did not have a website. The only way they could establish their credibility with new customers was through word of mouth and printed material. Their only means of new business was expensive face to face sales staff. They were missing the huge opportunity that a website can provide in showcasing a business, establishing a reputation and getting new customers through search and SEO.

Developing The Global Confectionery Brand

The first thing we did was sit down and intimately connect with and understand their business, customers and industry. This knowledge gathering and research is a fundamental aspect of the way we approach all projects and is the best way to build a website that will get the types of results a business really needs.

The heart of this project was a branding exercise. Where they had no online presence we built a beautiful website with great images and standout copy that reflected a fun, laid back personality. They didn’t have a consciously articulated brand, but after getting to know them we were able to articulate the essence of the brand and communicate that on the website. This included marrying the brand personality with lolly language to create lines such as “since the milk bar was a rock star”, and introducing each member of the company as a lolly.

Global Confectionery branding on website

Telling the Global Confectionery story on the website.

Better Communication – Customer Portal

We also developed an online customer portal that enables customers to login and get access to up to date price lists. This did away with the time consuming task of having to continually send emails to customers and customers can login at anytime to get the information they need.

Global Confectionery was really happy with the result, discovering that we had delivered them ore than just a website, but also a brand identity and personality that they could be proud of and they felt really reflected the essence of who they were.

Geeky Stuff

None of the geeky stuff associated with website builds and SEO were forgotten, either. The website was designed and built with all the SEO science to generate page one Google search results and provide access to a new online source of customers they never had before.

Client:Global Confectionery


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